Powerful & Inspirational Tokyo Revengers Quotes | Anime Quotes

Best Inspirational Tokyo Revengers Quotes | listsach

Powerful & Inspirational Tokyo Revengers Quotes | Anime Quotes

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. And this is one of the most anticipated anime of 2021. Tokyo Revengers is gaining popularity with massive fans of anime.

This anime follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki – 26 year old, who goes 12 years back in time to middle school days again to save the love of his life from future doom.

Here are some powerful & inspirational Tokyo Revengers quotes. Some of the best Tokyo Revengers quotes are mentioned in this post from Takemichi Hanagaki, Mikey (Sano Manjiro), Draken (Ken Ryuguji) and others.

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“In the past and the present, I have to change, or nothing else will.” – Takemichi Hanagaki

“Even in my second life, a failure is still going to be a failure.” – Takemichi Hanagaki

Inspirational Tokyo Revengers Quotes by Takeminchi Hanagaki

“When it comes to the desire to save tachibana, I won’t lose to Naoto.” – Takemichi Hanagaki

“I ain’t giving up!! To not give up, I have a reason.” – Takemichi Hanagaki

Powerful Tokyo Revengers Quotes from Takeminchi Hanagaki

“If you wanna win, you’re gonna have to actually kill me.” – Takemichi Hanagaki

“The moment I thought I was going to die, I remembered Tachibana Hinata.” – Takemichi Hanagaki

Best anime quotes from Tokyo Revengers - ListSach

“If this is real, then I want to change the future.” – Takemichi Hanagaki

“I love her so much that I don’t know what to do with myself.” – Takemichi Hanagaki

Tokyo Revengers Quotes from Mikey-Sano Manjiro

“He’d never be that dishonest cause he promised me that we’d own the whole country together” – Sano Manjiro

“You guys can’t even act without a group. The hell do you want?” – Sano Manjiro

Tokyo Revengers Quotes from Ken Ryuguji

“When someone gives you an inch, don’t take a mile, you moron!” – Ken Ryuguji

“You don’t have to bow your head. Just have a heart that cares for others.” – Ken Ryuguji

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